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Ingredient Spotlight

February 2023



a sustainable powerhouse in a perfect package
backed by science

SuperbaKrill® oil is extracted from the Antarctic krill species Euphausia superba. Krill are small, shrimp-like crustaceans packed full of health-promoting long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA), phospholipids, choline and the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin.* 


Krill oil delivers omega-3 and choline - two key nutrients widely shown to have multiple health benefits.*   The majority of these omega-3s and choline are bound to phospholipids, making them efficiently incorporated into our body's cells.

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SuperbaKrill® oil's natural combination of these key nutrients provide the perfect package for heart, skin, joint and eye health.* A growing body of evidence demonstrates krill oil's many health benefits.*

Why Choose SuperbaKrill




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Key Benefits
Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These key long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids are two of the most researched nutrients, with a wide range of health benefits for your heart, eyes, liver, brain, skin and joints.*


Phospholipids help omega-3s integrate into the blood cell membranes and may be a better delivery form to the body’s organs than other marine oils.*


An essential nutrient vital for many body functions such as nerve signaling, liver and muscle function.  Our body can't make enough, therefore we must obtain  it from our diet.*


This natural antioxidant gives krill oil its beautiful red color. It also protects the oil from oxidation, eliminating the need to add preservatives.

The Phospholipid Advantage

a highway to the cell


Phospholipids make up the lining of your cell membranes. Krill phospholipids are soluble in both water and oil - making them easy for your body to digest & absorb.*


These phospholipid omega-3s take the fast lane to the liver and blood stream where they are taken directly into your cell membranes.

The phospholipid omega-3s found in SuperbaKrill® benefit:
Heart Health*    Brain Health*    Eye Health*     Joint Health*

Click on video below to learn more about SuperbaKrill® and phospholipids

Sustainable & Traceable from Sea to Shelf

ECO-Harvesting is proprietary technology developed by Aker BioMarine to harvest krill in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.   This technology protects other species from by-catch with minimal impact on the ecosystem.

How does it work?

The Eco-Harvesting trawling system is continuously submerged as a hose gently brings the krill on board the vessel, reducing the risk of by-catch of other species to almost zero.

New science concludes that the Antarctic krill fishery is the cleanest fishery in the world due to its low by-catch rate.

The krill fishery bycatch ranges from 0.1–0.3%, compared to other fishery by-catch levels ranging from 10% - 55%. According to the report, understanding and controlling by-catch levels is essential for sustainable fishing and maintaining a healthy species population.  

Click video below to see Eco-Harvesting technology in action

Carefully Managed to Protect Our Future

Krill are one of the largest single-species biomasses in the world - laying up to 10,000 eggs a day.


With such a rapid reproduction cycle, the krill population naturally replenishes itself every year.


Harvesting is restricted to Area 48.

Only 0.3% of the krill biomass in Area 48 is harvested annually.

Third Party Certified Sustainable

Working with scientists, fisheries, industry experts, and other nonprofits, the MSC’s goal is to improve the way our ocean is fished through the MSC Fisheries Standard and Chain of Custody Standard. The MSC program incentivizes sustainable fishing practices globally. 


Through the use of the MSC blue fish label, the MSC makes it easy for everyone to identify and choose certified sustainable, wild-caught seafood.


The MSC organization works to ensure that this natural resource is preserved for future generations. 

What is the MSC? Click video below to learn more

Sustainably Fished

The MSC Fisheries Certification ensures the longterm health of the fish population and that fishing has minimal impact on the surrounding wildlife and habitat.


The MSC Chain of Custody Certification works to ensure an accountable supply chain and that product comes from an MSC certified sustainable source.


Seafood products are only caught from wild populations in oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Fully Traceable from Sea to Shelf

By controlling the entire supply chain, from harvesting krill up to production we are able to guarantee the highest level of quality for Superba™ Krill.

Part of that guarantee is our ability to trace all end-products back to the exact location of harvest through our sophisticated GPS system onboard our vessels.

Click video below to learn more about Krill Oil

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